Go beyond the wheel and kiln

Learn to make pottery like your ancestors did using just your hands and simple tools

Andy Ward with pottery


My name is Andy Ward, I have spent decades studying ancient pottery and conducting experiments to learn how it was made. I teach the art of ancient pottery in workshops, online and in-person. I created AncientPottery.how so anyone could learn to make primitive pottery no matter what your physical condition, income or location in the world. Pottery does not need to be dependent on having access to an electric wheel or an expensive kiln, the tools and resources you need to make pottery can be found in nature wherever you live. Now, with the information on this website, the knowledge of how to make pottery by hand is at everyone’s fingertips.

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Anasazi Replica Pottery, the Complete Guide

Ah, Anasazi pottery it is beautiful, sumptuous and so desirable yet purchasing any can leave you owning an item of questionable ethical and legal standing. The obvious solution to these problems is replica pottery. If you buy it from an artist who makes it true to the ancient traditions the result is pottery that is […]

Where is Clay Found?

When I first went looking for native clay it seemed to be a rare thing, like gold or silver, I couldn’t find wild clay anywhere. But I knew that it had to be much more common than it appeared because ancient people made pottery wherever they lived. So I did a little bit of research […]

How to Fire Pottery Without a Kiln

An electric pottery kiln is a convenient tool but making art without the use of modern technology is fun and gives a sense of connection to the earth for both the artist and the art. Learning how to fire pottery without a kiln is not hard and the process is not overly long or complicated. […]

How to Make a Coil Pot?

For back to basics pottery making you can’t go wrong with a coil pot, no machinery or fancy equipment aiding you, just you and the clay mano a mano. I first learned coil pottery as a teenager when I was trying to reproduce ancient Southwest pottery, my school didn’t teach coil pottery making so I […]

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