Learn how to hand-build prehistoric pottery replicas in the comfort of your home or any place you can connect to the internet. My video based courses bring the experts to you in simple and easy to follow lessons.

prehistoric jar on computer screen

Ancient Technology at Your Fingertips

I have spent decades studying ancient pottery and conducting experiments to learn how it was made. I teach the art of ancient pottery in workshops but that is not the best way to learn for everyone, they can be expensive, often require travel and are a one-time learning experience so once the workshop is over it can be hard to remember what was taught. That is why AncientPottery.how was created so anyone can learn at a much more affordable price and students can go back and rewatch the lessons whenever they want. Now the knowledge of how to make ancient pottery is at everyone’s fingertips.

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Ancient Technology Meets Modern Technology

forming a replica pot

My pottery courses are structured around video lessons, with some text and photo elements too. Quizzes make sure that students get the main points of the lesson then they can go back and rewatch lessons if needed. Participants work at their own pace and from wherever internet access is available.

collecting clay on a playa

Videos can transport you to the sources, the potter’s studios, remote ruins, clay and mineral deposits, to places where no in-person workshop could ever take you. You will see the ancient pottery we will be reproducing, the landscapes that influenced these ancient arts and meet visit potter’s studios, all on your computer or device.

replicating an ancient pot

Course participants get direct access to the instructors to ask questions and get help with any problems they are having with the activities. They can share photos of what they have made with the instructor or with other students.

100% No Hassle Money-Back Guarantee

If within 14 days of purchase you do not think the course you bought is worth the money, just tell me and I will refund the full price, no questions asked, no problem!