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Why My Coil Pottery Classes Are The Best in the Southwest

My traditional coil pottery classes are designed to give students the full experience, exploring ancient ruins, examining museum collections and recreating prehistoric coil pottery as accurately as possible. Keep reading to discover what is involved. Some things are really hard to learn from reading a book (or a blog post), and that is especially true […]


The History of Coil Pottery in the Southwest

The American Southwest has a rich coil pottery tradition that reaches back over 2000 years. Ceramic technology spread north into this area from Mexico before the time of Christ and over the centuries since has matured and diversified in expression. Today nearly every Native American group in the Southwest possesses a unique style of pottery […]


How Pueblo Pottery is Made

I have always loved Pueblo pottery, the complex designs and vibrant colors speak to my soul. Pueblo Indian culture and art is fascinating and complex and inspires me to want to learn more, to always want to dig just a little deeper. Through my study of Southwestern pottery I have come to know many Pueblo […]


Anasazi Replica Pottery, The Complete Guide

Ah, Anasazi pottery it is beautiful, sumptuous and so desirable yet purchasing any can leave you owning an item of questionable ethical and legal standing. The obvious solution to these problems is replica pottery. If you buy it from an artist who makes it true to the ancient traditions the result is pottery that is […]


5 Best Open Fire Pottery Techniques for Outdoor Pottery Firing

Who needs a kiln? People have been creating pottery for millennia and only more recently have kilns become popular, so get in touch with your ceramic heritage and do some outdoor pottery firing. I have been firing pottery without a kiln for over thirty years and this is my list of the top 5 ways […]


20 Examples of Anasazi Art that will blow your mind

The Anasazi made some amazing art but it can be challenging to see much of it. The reason is that many of the best pieces are not on public display or are scattered in dozens of different museums many of them on the east coast far from the Anasazi homeland. So here I have compiled […]


What is a Puki and How is it Used to Make Pottery

If you ever learn about Native American Pueblo pottery or really any sort of traditional Southwestern pottery you will eventually hear the work “puki” used. And if you are new to Southwest pottery you will no doubt wonder “what is a puki”? No worries, I am here to set the record straight. I have been […]


How to Make Hand Built Pottery

I came at pottery backwards. It seems most people learn pottery on the wheel first and then explore hand building later. I learned to hand build first, this is probably the reason why hand building has remained my passion and the primary way that I form pottery. Because I am a hand building guy, I […]