Natural Pottery Paint Colors

A rainbow of colors are available to the primitive potter from natural sources. But what minerals to use in which type of firing to achieve what color can be confusing and overwhelming. In the following article I have broken it down to the basic elements. Paint information below is sorted by color and by mineral …

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ancient SW mugs

Primitive Pottery Mug Workshop

Pottery mugs will be formed using the traditional coil and scrape method, and decorated using natural, non-toxic clays and paints. The climax of this workshop will be an outdoor, open pottery firing on the last day. November 10, 11, 12, 2023, Fort Lowell Park, Tucson, Arizona

Primitive Pottery Supply List

Getting started in pottery can be expensive and daunting. Even primitive pottery, which does not require expensive equipment like pottery wheels or electric kilns, can be challenging for a newcomer. Where, for example, can a person buy a puki? Or what can I use for black paint? This page offers a quick, easy list of …

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How to Get Into Pottery Cheap

Pottery or ceramics is sometimes listed among the more expensive hobbies to get started in. To make modern pottery you need many things… You need to buy materials like Clay Glazes You need different tools like Pottery wheels Bats Slab rollers And you need to fire every pot twice which involves Fees to use someone …

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clay temper

Tempering Pottery Clay

Temper is non-plastic material that is added to clay to keep it from cracking when it dries. It is most often sand, ground stone or ground fired ceramics but historically a wide range of materials have been used for temper.

10 coil pot ideas from the ancient Southwest

Ancient Pottery Challenge

These are the pots that were shown in my video called “10 Coil Pot Ideas From the Ancient Southwest“. In that video I showed these pots as examples of ancient pottery forms that would be challenging to recreate. Please give them a try yourself and afterward take a photo and upload to Instagram with the …

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