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Real handmade puki at a reasonable price.

Low Fire Clay

Low fire clay

Low fire clay suitable for your hand building and outdoor firing projects.

Metate & Mano


Genuine Mexican metate (not an artifact), great for hand grinding clay and minerals just like the ancients did.

Mortar & Pestle


Stone mortar and pestle, great for grinding up minerals especially in small quantities such as for pottery paints.

Corn Grinder

Clay Grinder

Cast iron Mexican corn grinder, perfect for grinding up dry clay to a powder.

Masons Hammer

Masons Hammer

Better than a rock hammer for soft earthy minerals like clay. Great for your clay hunting trips.

Rock Hammer

Rock Hammer

A must have for mineral prospecting and clay hunting.

Iron Oxide

Iron Oxide

Just like the ground hematite stones the ancients used for pottery paint. Makes red paint for ancient pottery replication.


Manganese Dioxide

Used for black paint on replicated ancient pottery.

Copper Carbonate

Copper Carbonate

Used for black paint in ancient pottery replication.

Strainer Bags

Good for removing larger particles when wet processing clay.

Honey Strainer

Good for strain clay or temper, fits on a 5 gallon bucket.

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