Black on Red Jar

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Black on Red Jar


Replica black on red jar, similar to prehistoric Wingate black on red, 6″ x 4 1/2″. Authentically made using native clays and minerals, hand coiled and fired in an outdoor wood fire. See details below.

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This is a pottery replica similar to many black on red pots that were made in the White Mountain region of east central Arizona and west central New Mexico from around 1030 to 1400 AD. The painted design on this would be classified as Wingate Black on Red except that I used a lead based glaze paint which would be atypical of Wingate. Later types on White Mountain Red Ware such as Pinedale Black on Red (1275 – 1375) and Four Mile Polychrome (1300 – 1400) did use similar lead glaze paint.


This pot was made fully authentically with hand dug clay and mineral paints, and fired in an outdoor surface firing. You can see the painting, firing and a discussion of this pot in the following video.



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