Gila Polychrome Jar


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Gila Polychrome Jar


Replica Gila Polychrome jar, 7″ x 6″. Authentically made using native clays, hand coiled and fired in an outdoor wood fire. See details below.

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This is a replica of prehistoric Gila Polychrome jar, the size is 7″ x 6″. It was made using hand collected clays from Arizona, formed using the traditional coil and scrape method and was fired outside in April, 2020. This is not a replica of a specific relic but inspired by prehistoric Gila Polychrome pottery, made, decorated and fired in the same way as the ancient pottery that can be seen in museums and private collections around the American Southwest.


Gila Polychrome is a type or “Roosevelt Red Ware” that was made in southeast Arizona and southwest New Mexico between 1320 and 1450 AD.


You can see this pot being made by watching the video below.


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