Maverick Mountain Polychrome Bowl

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Maverick Mountain Polychrome Bowl


Replica Maverick Mountain Polychrome bowl, an approximate replica of an artifact in the Arizona State Museum. Authentically made using native clays and minerals, hand coiled and fired in an outdoor wood fire. 7 1/2″ x 3″. See details below.

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Maverick Mountain Polychrome was made in southeast Arizona and southwest New Mexico from 1275 to 1325. It appears to be made in a style that was previously made in northern Arizona, suggesting that the people who made it were immigrants to the south.


This bowl was inspired by an original in the Arizona State Museum which was found in the Tonto basin of central Arizona. It was hand coiled with wild clay, painted with naturally obtained clay slips and mineral pigments and fired in an outdoor, surface pottery firing, made completely authentically to the ancient traditions.


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