Private Consultation


One-on-one consultation with Andy Ward on clay, pottery, firing or other related subject. Could be over the phone, Zoom or in-person. Up to one hour of direct communication on pottery.

  • Have questions about wild clay and clay processing?
  • Want my opinion about whether your clay is any good?
  • Want to know what to do to improve your clay?
  • Want to discuss pottery construction techniques in detail?
  • Have questions about pottery pigments or decorating techniques?
  • Want to mail me samples of clay or pottery to get my opinions?
  • Have questions about pottery firing techniques?

This consultation could be what you are looking for if you need one-on-one interaction on any of the above topics.

If this is more than you can afford you might consider the Ancient Potters Club which meets via Zoom every Wednesday night. During class you can ask your questions and get answers.


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