Smectite Clay Slip for Organic Painted Pottery


4 oz of a special smectite clay slip to use on a pot that will be painted with organic paint. If fired correctly this should result in black carbon designs on the finished pottery. See the video at the bottom of this page for more information on the process of making organic painted pottery.

This product needs to be used extremely thinly, 4 oz. can cover a number of pots. 


4 ounces of smectite clay slip from northern Arizona. This material is in its raw state and is 99% pure, just soak in water until fully slaked, then pass through a fine mesh to remove any lumps, paint strainers work well for this. Paint this onto the outside of a green pot, then when fully dry decorate with organic paint (pancake syrup can be substituted), fire in a brief, low temperature fire (<750 C) to get black designs on a cream colored background. This can be used to produce Salado Polychrome pottery or other “oxidized organic paint” pottery.



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