Tonto Polychrome Bilobal Jar

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Tonto Polychrome Bilobal Jar


Authentic Tonto Polychrome bilabial jar replica made with native Arizona clays and minerals and fired in an outdoor mesquite wood fire. The original of this pot is on display at Eastern Arizona College as part of the Mills Collection. This pot was made as part of the Ancient Pottery Challenge. 7” x 7”



This replica jar was made completely authentically to the way Salado Polychrome was made in ancient times. All clays and materials came from Arizona, it was hand coiled, painted with organic paint and fired in an open, outdoor mesquite wood fire. This pot was formed as part of the Ancient Pottery Challenge and can be seen on YouTube. 7” x 7”

Tonto Polychrome was made in Arizona and New Mexico between about 1330 and 1450 AD.



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