Public Pottery Firing Event

Public Pottery Firing Event

Come join us on October 25 at the ancient ruins of Chihuichi for a pottery firing and potters get-together.

Many pottery events have been canceled this year in including the Southwest Kiln Conference. So I am opening up the last day of my pottery workshop to the public to come out and fire with us and explore the Salado era ruins. Sunday, October 25 is the last day of my last pottery workshop of the year and I am opening it up to the public to view the firing, participate in the firing, explore the ruins or just hang out.

The location is the prehistoric, Salado era ruins of Chihuichi near the Chiricahua Mountains. The site is on land that I own near Sunizona, Arizona, so it is remote but worth the trip. If you are interested in attending please use the form below and I will send you directions. There is about a mile of level, well maintained gravel roads involved so it should be accessible to anyone.

If you are a potter, are interested in pottery replication or just curious about ancient Arizona, you should consider attending. This is a great opportunity to learn and have a great time in the country. We will be outdoors the whole time and observing good social distancing standards for everyone’s safety.


Outdoor Pottery Firing

Where:Chihuichi Ruins, Sunizona, AZ

A pottery firing and potters get-together in the country. All outdoor, social distancing event will be a rare opportunity to socialize and learn about ancient pottery and replication.

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    I've been making primitive pottery since I was a teenager in the 80's. My work focuses on reproducing the polychrome pottery styles made in the American Southwest during thirteenth and fourteenth centuries. I have taught workshops and lectured at venues all over the Southwest. When I was learning to make pottery it was very hard to find the information I needed, so I created this website to make the technology of southwest pottery readily available to all.

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