Gourd Potter’s Rib (Gourd Scraper)


Authentic gourd pottery scrapers, the traditional pottery making tool used by the native potters of the Americas.

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The gourd rib was the traditional tool for shaping pottery vessels across the Americas before Columbus. The naturally curved surface of the gourd is perfect for shaping the beautiful rounded shapes of traditional native pottery. But the gourd scraper is more than just a historic curiosity, modern potters are discovering that a gourd scraper makes a fantastic tool for both hand building and throwing that provides a unique feel and a connection to the past that metal and plastic ribs cannot.

Gourd ribs have been used in the Southwestern United States for centuries and are still in use today, the naturally curved, outside edge is good for pushing out the rounded form of a traditional jar or bowl and is equally great for scraping rough spots off of the outside of vessel forms. For many native potters of the past the gourd scraper was one of the only tools used to create a beautiful and graceful vessel form.

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