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The Ancient Potter’s Club is your complete source for online primitive, replication and coil built pottery education.

Members have access to our complete library of online masterclasses, step-by-step pot making instructional videos, weekly live build-along classes and more.

Learn the finer points of primitive pottery making with online learning and live Q&A sessions. It’s like a year around ongoing pottery workshop. 

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Membership Benefits

  • Access to all pottery masterclasses.
  • Weekly live build-along class.
  • View all step-by-step pot making instructional videos
  • Access to new pottery lessons as they are added.
  • Invitations to meet-ups and pottery events.
  • Ancient Pottery sticker. (annual members)
  • 10% discount on anything in our store.

Learn the full process from finding wild clay, through coil building pots, decorating with natural paints and outdoor firing. You get the following complete classes:

Wild Clay 101

In this course I will take you out into the field around the Southwest to look at various actual clay beds. This is the kind of help that you need when starting out but is hard to find, seeing clay and being taught what to look for and how to tell if it is good. I will then cover how to process your clay to make it usable for hand-building. When you are done with this course you will know how to locate and process native clay like a pro.

Coil Pottery Making 101

Learn the coil-and-scrape pottery making technique in simple, easy to follow video lessons. Explore the ancient art of coil building pottery by hand, these detailed video lessons take you into the instructors studio with detailed explanations of the process. This course will give you the skills and techniques to hand-build pottery in the manner of the prehistoric people of the Southwest, and an attractive certificate to prove it!

Natural Pottery Paints, Slips & Pigments

In this course you will learn how to make many types of natural pottery paints. You will see examples of raw minerals, then learn how to process those and the recipes to make your own paints for pottery. Mineral paints, organic paints, yucca paintbrushes, the process of levigation and much more are all covered in great detail. After completion of this class you will be able to make your own natural pottery paint.

Outdoor Pottery Firing 101

This class teaches the ancient art of outdoor, above-ground pottery firing. I will explain the science behind a pottery fire, give tips on selecting the best wood and fire safety, then lead you through several complete outdoor pottery firings. All video based learning so you can come along with me as I fire pottery in the way practiced by the ancient Mogollon while I explain what is being done and why it is being done.

A membership in the Ancient Potters Club gives you full access to these courses, all step-by-step pot making instructional videos, weekly live build-along classes and more.

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