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Why My Coil Pottery Classes Are The Best in the Southwest

My traditional coil pottery classes are designed to give students the full experience, exploring ancient ruins, examining museum collections and recreating prehistoric coil pottery as accurately as possible. Keep reading to discover what is involved. Some things are really hard to learn from reading a book (or a blog post), and that is especially true […]

How Pueblo Pottery is Made

I have always loved Pueblo pottery, the complex designs and vibrant colors speak to my soul. Pueblo Indian culture and art is fascinating and complex and inspires me to want to learn more, to always want to dig just a little deeper. Through my study of Southwestern pottery I have come to know many Pueblo […]

Anasazi Replica Pottery, the Complete Guide

Ah, Anasazi pottery it is beautiful, sumptuous and so desirable yet purchasing any can leave you owning an item of questionable ethical and legal standing. The obvious solution to these problems is replica pottery. If you buy it from an artist who makes it true to the ancient traditions the result is pottery that is […]

20 Examples of Anasazi Art that will blow your mind

The Anasazi made some amazing art but it can be challenging to see much of it. The reason is that many of the best pieces are not on public display or are scattered in dozens of different museums many of them on the east coast far from the Anasazi homeland. So here I have compiled […]

25 Coil Pot Ideas Inspired by the Ancient Southwest

Sometimes I hit a creative dead-end and need some inspiration, I think we all do at some point. When it comes to making a coil pot most of the ideas and tutorials I see on the internet these days look the same, I want something fresh. If you are like me then look further, I […]

How to Make Mimbres Pottery

The ancient Mimbres potters made some of the finest pottery in ancient North America, looking at examples of their pottery in books or museums only raises more questions in my mind than it answers. How did the Mimbres potters make such exquisite pottery using only primitive tools? I went searching for the answers to these […]

How to Fire Pottery Without a Kiln

An electric pottery kiln is a convenient tool but making art without the use of modern technology is fun and gives a sense of connection to the earth for both the artist and the art. Learning how to fire pottery without a kiln is not hard and the process is not overly long or complicated. […]

How to Make a Coil Pot?

For back to basics pottery making you can’t go wrong with a coil pot, no machinery or fancy equipment aiding you, just you and the clay mano a mano. I first learned coil pottery as a teenager when I was trying to reproduce ancient Southwest pottery, my school didn’t teach coil pottery making so I […]

How to Make Anasazi Pottery?

After a visit to Mesa Verde National Park I wondered how Anasazi pottery was made. The museum at the park contains very little information about how the pottery was made so I set out to answer the question “how to make Anasazi pottery”. Anasazi pottery was formed from clay using a method called coil and […]

How to Make Primitive Pottery

Making primitive pottery is really quite simple, hence the word primitive which can be defined as “belonging to or characteristic of an early stage of development”. Primitive pottery is fun to make and can produce attractive and functional ceramics. If we boil the process down to it’s most basic elements there are 5 steps; Find […]

Southwest Kiln Conference

When the Spanish first entered the Southwest in 1540 they found crumbling ruins of abandoned pueblos. Vast areas of the Southwest had been depopulated by pueblo dwelling peoples about one-hundred years before the Coronado expedition arrived, leaving behind ruins, broken pottery and many unanswered questions. One thing about the ancient ruins of the Southwest that […]

Outdoor Pottery Firing

If you are interested in how to fire primitive pottery check out this video. At the time of this writing we haven’t created a pottery firing course yet, but this video shows the process and can help you learn how to fire your pottery in an open, outdoor oxidation firing. This is a time-lapse video […]

Pottery at the Arizona State Museum

We filmed the pottery exhibit at the Arizona State Museum last month. They have the largest collection of Southwest pottery in the world with over 24,000 whole vessels. These pots cover the entire spectrum of pottery in the Southwest from some of the oldest pots made in the region to contemporary Pueblo pottery.

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how to make a puki

How to Make a Puki

Or, everything you ever wanted to know about pukis but was always afraid to ask. This short video lesson explains what a puki is, how it is used and demonstrates a simple and easy method of making one.

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Coil and Scrape Pottery Making

Coil Pottery Making 101

Learn the coil-and-scrape pottery making technique in simple, easy to follow video lessons. This course will give you the skills and techniques to hand-build pottery in the manner of the prehistoric people of the Southwest, and an attractive certificate to prove it!

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