10 coil pot ideas from the ancient Southwest

Ancient Pottery Challenge

These are the pots that were shown in my video called “10 Coil Pot Ideas From the Ancient Southwest“. In that video I showed these pots as examples of ancient pottery forms that would be challenging to recreate. Please give them a try yourself and afterward take a photo and upload to Instagram with the hashtag #ancientpotterychallenge

If you are interested in more pottery inspiration check out this article 25 Coil Pot Ideas Inspired by the Ancient Southwest

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  1. When I made the ladle – I fired the small balls for inside the handle first before putting them inside the handle. I made the balls a teardrop shape putting the point into the clay inside the handle (like a stick pin) – after I fired the ladle, I jarred the ladle knocking the balls loose to rattle inside. Your suggestion on firing little test tiles is what made me think to do what I did. I have enjoyed all your information you provide. Thank you so much for sharing.

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