Ancient Pottery Challenge

Ancient Pottery Challenge

These are the pots that were shown in my video called “10 Coil Pot Ideas From the Ancient Southwest“. In that video I showed these pots as examples of ancient pottery forms that would be challenging to recreate. Please give them a try yourself and afterward take a photo and upload to Instagram with the hashtag #ancientpotterychallenge

If you are interested in more pottery inspiration check out this article 25 Coil Pot Ideas Inspired by the Ancient Southwest

I've been making primitive pottery since I was a teenager in the 80's. My work focuses on reproducing the polychrome pottery styles made in the American Southwest during thirteenth and fourteenth centuries. I have taught workshops and lectured at venues all over the Southwest. When I was learning to make pottery it was very hard to find the information I needed, so I created this website to make the technology of southwest pottery readily available to all.

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  • When I made the ladle – I fired the small balls for inside the handle first before putting them inside the handle. I made the balls a teardrop shape putting the point into the clay inside the handle (like a stick pin) – after I fired the ladle, I jarred the ladle knocking the balls loose to rattle inside. Your suggestion on firing little test tiles is what made me think to do what I did. I have enjoyed all your information you provide. Thank you so much for sharing.

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