Southwestern Potters Gathering 2024

April, 5 – 7, 2024
Chihuichi Ruins, Sunizona, Arizona

Explore for Ruins, Clay and Pigment

On the first weekend in April we will get together in southeastern Arizona to study ancient pottery. Some of us will camp near Chihuichi Ruins and others will stay in nearby hotels or BnB’s. Each day will have a different theme to guide our travels.

This event is only open to:

Friday, April 5: Ruins. We will visit several different ancient ruins and a pottery collection on this day. Max miles: 180

Saturday, April 6: Clay. We will collect different clays all across southeastern Arizona. Max miles: 200

Sunday, April 7: Pigment Minerals. We will drive to some abandoned mines to collect pigment minerals for use in making paint. Max miles: 230.

In the evenings we will have a campfire to talk about pottery and may even fire some pottery.

Feel free to attend only the days you are interested in. We can arrange closer meetup spots for those of you not camping with us at the ruins. Please RSVP by March 29 with my contact form.

Primitive camping is available on site, Forest Service, Park Service and private campgrounds are nearby. As are BnBs and other accommodations.

18 thoughts on “Southwestern Potters Gathering 2024”

  1. Hi Andy, regarding the Southwestern Potters Gathering,
    I think maybe you mean March 25 & 26, not 25-16, right?. What time in the morning does it start? Also, I don’t see a price listed… I am signed up for the regular workshop in April, but I’m having some trouble working out the details. I might have to change. Can you put me on the waiting
    It’s for the March one? Thanks, Martha

    1. Yes sorry about that. Through the wonders of copy and paste that type is all over the place (Facebook, Instagram, etc). The gathering is free and very informal so it starts whenever people decide to do something and runs until people stop doing things.

  2. Andy, is the SWPG conference in March limited to a certain amount of people? Never been to one, so am wondering (besides camping gear & food) what should one plan in taking with them for the conference? Clay, tools, slips, chairs, tables, etc? Please let me know. Thanks, Paul.

    1. This is a very informal gathering. Just a bunch of potters getting together to fire pottery, camp, talk etc. There is very little out there as far as infrastructure so bring whatever you need.

  3. Hi Andy,

    Learning a lot through your videos and Blogs!
    Is this event full and when and where do you sign up?

    This event looks so cool and you are generous for moving the venue to your own property. I’ll be taking ceramic workshops in Thailand in February but if I’m back in March I totally want to join this event or the next if you put on another!



  4. Howdy Andy!
    Would you post the addy to the re scheduled SPG gating on your property.
    Thanks in n advance,
    Mike Henrichs.
    Ajo AZ.

    1. There’s literally a map on this page. My property is just raw land but it is right across the street from the TAAA Chiricahua Astronomy Complex 9315 E Perseus Way, Pearce, AZ

      1. Carol Knudsen

        Thank you for that info Andy. Now that we’re doing some more strategic planning…
        We will be driving our RV there (from San Diego) and plan to arrive Friday evening, hopefully before dark. Is it ok to just drive onto your land and park overnight? (dry camping) and does cell phones work there? (AT&T). Will you be arriving Saturday morning?

        1. I use Verizon and have good service there, not sure how well AT&T works there. I will be there on Friday afternoon and others are planning on arriving on Friday as well, so I am sure people will be around when you arrive. If the open space on my property fills up we may have to park some cars and RVs along the road. There is also an RV park nearby.

  5. Andy, I am new to the Southwest but I have been following you on YouTube for 2-3 years. I have learned so much already, but am looking forward to learning more. I hope to see you in March. What is weather usually like at the end of March? Night temps and day temp ranges? Thanks. Hope to see you soon. Alivia Biko

  6. Hi Andy,
    Our drive will be about 3 hours, do you think we could arrive at the campsite at about 11 am on saturday and people will be there? I know that this is informal, but we’re thinking of spending one nite and leaving on Sunday afternoon but I just want to know when you think people will start arriving.
    Thank you.

    1. Yes, many people will arrive on Friday. I imagine by 11 on Saturday most people will already be there. I have no idea how many people will show up.

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