open, above-ground pottery firing

Outdoor Pottery Firing 101

Who needs a kiln? All you need to fire pottery is a well built outdoor fire. This course will teach the ancient art of the outdoor, above-ground pottery firing as it has been practiced in the American Southwest for centuries. This course explains the science behind a pottery fire, give tips on selecting the best

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native clay 101

Wild Clay 101

Knowing how to find and process wild is a hard thing to learn without a teacher. I am contacted by people frequently about this so I know it’s a serious problem especially for those just getting started. In this course I will explain what clay is, how it is formed and what different types of

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Coil and Scrape Pottery Making

Coil Pottery Making 101

The foundation of ancient pottery making in the Anasazi or Mogollon traditions of the southwestern United States is the coil method. In this course we will briefly look at the history and traditions of coil pottery then we will jump right in hand building pots with the coil method. All of the techniques and secrets

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