10 coil pot ideas from the ancient Southwest

Ancient Pottery Challenge

These are the pots that were shown in my video called “10 Coil Pot Ideas From the Ancient Southwest“. In that video I showed these pots as examples of ancient pottery forms that would be challenging to recreate. Please give them a try yourself and afterward take a photo and upload to Instagram with the […]

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Two of the best know Pueblo potters Maria and Julian Martinez

How Pueblo Pottery is Made

I have always loved Pueblo pottery, the complex designs and vibrant colors speak to my soul. Pueblo Indian culture and art is fascinating and complex and inspires me to want to learn more, to always want to dig just a little deeper. Through my study of Southwestern pottery I have come to know many Pueblo

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mimbres polychrome bowl

How to Make Mimbres Pottery

The ancient Mimbres potters made some of the finest pottery in ancient North America, looking at examples of their pottery in books or museums only raises more questions in my mind than it answers. How did the Mimbres potters make such exquisite pottery using only primitive tools? I went searching for the answers to these

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