Arizona State Museum pottery exhibit

Pottery at the Arizona State Museum

We filmed the pottery exhibit at the Arizona State Museum last month. They have the largest collection of Southwest pottery in the world with over 24,000 whole vessels. These pots cover the entire spectrum of pottery in the Southwest from some of the oldest pots made in the region to contemporary Pueblo pottery.

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  1. I watched many of your YouTube videos and enjoyed them so much. It reminds me of my childhood growing up in Benson and my husband who drove SP trains from Tucson to Lordsburg, NM. We would call in advance to visit the “Amerind Foundation” in Dragoon, Arizona, and Ms, Fulton would greet us at her door and give us a tour of all the artifacts and art in her home. Every inch was crowded with artifacts, so much so that you had to walk on pathways that made way through all the rooms to see everything. I loved the Apache baskets the most. As a second grader in school, our Native American indigenous teacher taught us how to make items from clay coils. Today, I am not beyond trying to use wild clay to make some of my own work. Your talent and teaching is much appreciated and I will be buying your book. Thanks for bringing it alive for me again.

    1. Thank you, wonderful memories. You are probably a bit older than I but I also have fond childhood memories of the Amerind. When I was a kid growing up in Sierra Vista you had to call and make an appointment to see the museum.

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